Volunteers Needed for Family Promise Ministry at St. Paul’s

 “This, rather, is the fasting that I wish... sharing your bread with the hungry, and sheltering the oppressed and the homeless….”  Isaiah 58:6-7

As many of you know, St. Paul’s is participating in the Family Promise Program.  This is an interfaith network of several congregations in Juneau that have joined together to take turns housing homeless families in church facilities for a week or two at a time.  The need is great:   Juneau’s rental housing market has long been among the tightest and most expensive in the entire U.S.  The Juneau School District consistently includes over 100 homeless school children at any given time.  The only program providing shelter to homeless families in Juneau is St. Vincent DePaul’s, the demand for which is so great that families often wait years to obtain housing.

As a Family Promise Host Congregation, St. Paul’s will provide lodging and meals for up to 3-4 “guest” families (no more than 14 individuals) for three weeks this summer:  July 2 – 16, and August 20 – 27. 
  • Program guests first arrive on a Sunday evening. 
  • Each morning, guests are taken to the Family Promise of Juneau Day Center at Chapel by the Lake, where school-aged kids catch the school bus, and adults meet with the Director, care for pre-school children, make phone calls, and seek housing and employment.
The Family Promise program is well-established; it began in New Jersey over 30 years ago and now includes over 190 local “affiliates,” 6,000 congregations, and tens of thousands of volunteers.  Nationally, over half the guests are children, most of them under age 6.  The typical family is a mother with 2-3 young children.

There are many ways you can help St. Paul’s show the face of Christ through the Family Promise program.  Whether you provide a hot meal, arrange activities for children, or stay overnight, you will make a difference in the lives of families who have suffered the ordeal of losing their home.

Please review the opportunities on the signup page.  If you want to help, please complete form and SUBMIT. It will be forwarded  to Randy Coleman, our Volunteer Coordinator.   

Please contact Randy  at (907) 723-6168 if you have any questions.  Further information is also available at familypromisejuneau.org